NIH Pi Day 2017 banner


12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m., FAES Terrace, Building 10

The Pi Day Networking Event will feature posters, demos, and exhibit tables immediately following the PiCo talks. All NIH staff are invited to attend, as well as vote for their favorite poster. The winner of the "people's choice award" will be invited to give a talk at a joint meeting of the Data Science in Biomedicine and Bioinformatics Special Interest Groups.

The networking event will also include exhibits and light refreshments sponsored by the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences.

The following posters will be displayed on the FAES Terrace in Building 10, organized according to their poster number. To see a poster's abstract, click on its title.

1. Content-based fMRI activation maps retrieval

Alba García Seco de Herrera, NLM

2. Demonstration of analysis of high-throughput single cell RNA-Seq data using open-source R-packages

Michael Kelly, NIDCD

3. MeSHgram: A Tool to Visually Browse Co-occurrence of MeSH Terms in PubMed

Ravi Teja, NLM

4. Awesome new stuff from NCBI!

Ben Busby, NCBI

5. Scientific Supercomputing at NIH

Susan Chacko, CIT

6. Forecasting Grant Application Counts

Darren Schneider, CSR

7. Krona - interactive metagenomic visualization and comparison in a Web browser

Brian Ondov, NHGRI

8. The Cancer Genomic Cloud Pilots

Hsinyi Tsang, NCI

9. Detection of homozygous deletions in tumor suppressor genes ranging from dozens to hundreds nucleotides in cancer models

Suleyman Vural, NCI

10. Analysis of APOBEC3A and APOBEC3B mutational signatures using next-generation sequencing data from cancer cell lines

Suleyman Vural, NCI

11. New multiple sclerosis disease severity scale (MS-DSS) predicts future accumulation of disability

Ann Marie Weideman, NINDS

12. Extrapolate lifetime exposure of sexual violence victimization using past-year recall among Malawian girls and young women

Amy Fan, NIAAA

13. Assessing the Bioenergetics of Alzheimer’s Disease

Robert Pawlosky, NIAAA

14. Robust Spike Sorting of Retinal Ganglion Cells Tuned to Spot and Whole FieldStimuli

Alireza Ghahari, NEI

15. Traveling waves in the human cortex facilitate associative memory

Vishnu Sreekumar, NINDS

16. p53 Represses Global Gene Expression via c-Myc in the DNA Double-Strand Break Response

Joshua Porter, NCI

17. Understanding cancer mortality estimation: Comparison of three data sources in the Caribbean

Camille Morgan, NCI

18. Pharmacogenomics Prediction Pipeline (P3) Predicts Potential for Auranofin in Myeloma

Sayeh Gorjifard, NCI

19. Machine learning identifies predictive gene expression signatures of controlled and resistant hypertension using RNA-Seq data

Cihan Oguz, NHGRI

20. Much too fast? Time-to-event analysis reveals rate of alcohol binge exposure as a marker of risk for alcohol use disorder

Joshua Gowin, NIAAA

For questions, contact Esther Asaki (NIH/CIT) (